Twisted Hearts official logoSo I love my job, but not always, some days I’m not even sure I like it. I get frustrated and stuck on a project for DAYS. DAYS I TELL YOU! LOL! Graphic design and creative jobs in general (songwriting, painting, etc.) don’t rely on just getting it done, they depend on inspiration and ideas and sometimes, those ideas just don’t come. It’s agonizing to end my work day and not feel like I accomplished anything other than staring at my screen or fiddling around with a design that looks worse than when I started.

So when a client comes along that values WHO YOU ARE, it sort of sets things right again. Renews your tired spirit and reminds you why you love creating. Twisted Hearts and Pam came into my life at a point where I was discouraged quite honestly. Discouraged by things bigger than me. I was at odds with my job and responsibilities. She reminded me why my talents are needed and appreciated and that I am doing what I am supposed to be doing.

This business ownership thing is not always rewarding. I see a lot of companies giving their top people awards and free trips and recognition and confetti and lasers. (Well maybe not lasers ;). Do I wish somedays that I got confetti? Heck yeah! But this business I built I built all on my own. To have clients who seek me out based on my talents is humbling to say the least. Clients who trust me with an investment to make it into something tangible and measurable. Clients who value what I bring to the table.

Pam had a logo but she knew it wasn’t refined and ready to carry over into all her marketing and growth. This is where I came in. She shopped around, met with people but ultimately connected with what I brought to the table and I am grateful! So we set to work with a lot of ideas and concepts, from feathers and scripts to antlers and a perfectly unique font choice and color palette. The finished product will provide the store with a consistent look throughout all their POS items, gift tags, signage, website and more. So excited with what we came up with!

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Twisted Heart Logo