First off, thanks for sticking around to read more! For those of you who knew my business when it was Melanie Araas Design and Photography, LLC you are probably wondering what the heck is happening? Which I thought would be a great topic for this 1st post.

I started Melanie Araas Design and Photography, LLC in 2008 (Previously Creative Images from 2003-2008). I slowly and steadily grew my business while offering services in both the graphic design and photography fields. I always figured that because of my relatively short attention span (SQUIRREL!) this fit me PERFECTLY. When I would get weary from a full summer and fall of photography then the season would end and I could do more graphic design during the long Wyoming winters. This worked great for a while. I got the best of both worlds! Don’t get me wrong, I still enjoy doing both. There was a point that I just realized that if I was going to keep growing and attracting a larger client base, I had to separate the two so I could market the two differently. I got feedback from some of my uber smart business women friends and it was confirmed. Say someone wants to “follow” my photography – great, however they probably don’t want to see all my design work. Or say someone went to my MADP facebook page to look me up for graphic design but all they could see was photography – this could be a negative. Over the years it was always difficult to incorporate both services into one website. They are actually VERY different in what type of style you present to the world. I just couldn’t grow like I wanted to trying to reflect both sides of the business in one single entity.

Thus came my decision to split. But in true Melanie fashion I decided this in the middle of December, I didn’t have a name and needed to file before Jan. 1. (My Mom is probably rolling her eyes here). After some “pretty please-ing” with my attorney…a.k.a. my father in law, we got the paperwork signed, sealed and delivered before Jan. 1. After MUCH deliberation, late nights and hundreds of rejects over the name the choose. How did I decide on 3 Willow Design…well that’s a whole other blog post.

I am so excited to present this new looks for an already established business that will hopefully allow me to continue to grow not only locally but into larger areas and with the ever expanding reach of technology…gasp…worldwide! So someone from across the pond…hire me! 🙂 That would be super cool.

As always thank you to my past clients and those who support me along the way. Without you I wouldn’t be able to work in my sweats and slippers with my faithful pup at my side. I am small scale but my ideas are big!