Project Description

Aaron came to me to revamp the logo of Mossholders Design Center. After working for Mossholders for many years he was purchasing the business and wanting to make it is own with a new look that encompassed the vision he was hoping for. He wanted a new fresh look that was modern but still appealed to all ages of clientele. He already had quite a few ideas which I really love as a designer believe it or not. It helps to know what you as a client are drawn to, what colors you like or REALLY don’t like. When I start a new branding concept it’s like sitting in front of a vast ocean and looking for a tiny ship on the horizon. Having a starting part really helps me navigate the waters so to speak. We did a few versions over the course of designing but kept coming back to this one. I was out of my mind excited to see the new sign go up I almost ran off the road!


Mossholders Design Center

Project Scope:

Logo design and development, website design and management