Project Description

This is a super fun and out-of-the-box project for me to work on. The client had a really good start on an idea for a new whisky label design they just needed someone to take it to fruition. The idea was to make it very “All American” and playing to all the people who do various outdoor adventure activities like motocross, atv riding, etc. I was able to incorporate all of those item into the bottle as well and everyone was very pleased with how it all came out. Once the label was off to the printers there were various other projects that I worked on from a neck hangar and advertisements to a complete website design and build. Now the owners are off and running with their new brand and I wish them the best of luck, they were a pleasure to work with!!


Throttle 2 Bottle, Big Horn Spirits

Project Scope:

Liquor label design (front and back), neck hangar, various advertisements and a complete website design/build