6 Reasons Why You Need a Facebook Business Page

Lately I have noticed an influx of people selling stuff on their personal Facebook profiles (I am guilty too from time to time!!). It got me thinking and wondering if people know the benefits of starting a Facebook business “page” for their small businesses? Or is it just too daunting of a task with too many questions? I’m going to have a series of articles on this topic to hopefully help break it down and make it easy! I love seeing my friends pursuing their dreams, working their side hustle, earning some extra moola on the side…I also know the limitations of using a personal profile in this way and want everyone to have the tools to take things wherever they want to go!

Facebook is pretty groovy for allowing anyone to set up a business page…it’s quick and easy to set up, oh and…COMPLETELY FREE! You do not have to be an organized business – people have personal brands they grow all the time on a Facebook page. 

Having a page rather than a profile to conduct your business on makes your business more official, more professional, and more in-tune with today’s social media marketing strategies.


  • Organic Reach.

    One of the largest benefits of a business page is the opportunities it provides for your business’s content to be shown to people throughout Facebook through likes, shares and comments. This is referred to as organic reach. I don’t know a person who has a business/side business/mlm product that could not benefit from more exposure. Plus, most likely your competition or those you look up to in the field already have one. Even if you are just starting, why not work on growing the page you will eventually need? Every post is an opportunity to potentially get in front of tons of new peeps!

  • Fans/Customers vs. Friends/Family.

    With a business page you know your fans are there because they choose to be. No wondering if they like your stuff or are just there because they don’t want to offend you or unfollow you. I wouldn’t say you shouldn’t ever post about your business on your personal page, especially in the beginning you will have to direct people to “like” your new page, but the bulk of it should be done in the page environment. 

  • Privacy.

    A facebook business page allows you to retain your privacy with your personal profile while opening your business to a wider audience who can see your posts and interact without having to “friend” you. I prefer to keep my personal facebook profile private and fairly restrictive so I can still use it for the purposes for which I enjoy it – sharing photos, seeing my friends and family, sharing videos of people throwing cheese at cats…you know… You can make posts on your business page and occasionally “share” to your personal page as a way to encourage and remind those who aren’t following you to do so.

    You will create a business page while logged into your personal Facebook account. Don’t worry, just because a business page is tied to a personal profile doesn’t mean anyone on the outside can even see that part – it’s ONLY for your management and it allows you to log in once and easily switch between business and personal accounts for easy access if needed. I also would not recommend setting up a “dummy” facebook personal profile, it just confuses people when they search for you and Facebook has been known to shut down dummy accounts so just don’t risk it.

  • Insights.

    A Facebook business page allows you to access important insights about your target audience. It’s pretty cool and FREE! You can see your demographic breakdown, what they are interested in, gather results of survey questions, see your growth, what posts of yours are the most popular…all in one spot. With a personal profile you will not be able to see your engagement or your fan base as “friends” do not equal engagement, conversions or sales. 

  • Growth!

    With a Facebook page, your business will have Fans instead of Friends with unlimited growth. Even if you are promoting yourself as a brand and you are running under a profile you will be capped at 5,000 friends. Converting to a business page at this point is doable but you will lose important photos as status updates.

  • Advertising.

    You may not be considering this right now but think of where you want your business to be a few years down the road. Do you want to be limited? At some point you may consider a small budget for growing your audience or initiating sales. This can only be done through a business page.

  • Be in Compliance.

    Those pesky rules. I can’t say I’ve ever been a rule follower but I’d like to touch on the rules that Facebook has for profile vs. business pages. If you are found in violation you risk your profile being shut down and often times it’s very hard or impossible to recover forcing you to essentially start over. With that said, one noteworthy Facebook rule that I’m going to leave right here is: “Facebook profiles are meant to represent a single individual. All personal site features, such as friending and messaging, are also for personal use only and may not be used for professional promotion.“

  • Get Organized.

    Business pages offer a cool feature to have different tabs for different businesses and the option to add/delete any of them. Say you are a health coach or fitness guru and post a lot of recipes or workouts…you can organize them into one place so your fans can refer back to them at any time and not have to scroll through all your personal page stuff. Or how about sales? Events? Organize those all into your tabs too for easy access. If you want to get really fancy you can sell your products directly on your page in a “shop” tab!

Interested but don’t know where to start?

3 Willow Design offers Facebook Business Page setup, training and consultation! With or without custom graphics as well as basic training on how to use your page and well as tips and tricks on how to grow your fan base. I also offer social media management on several platforms including Facebook starting with a 3 month package up to a 24 month package!

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